10 slangs you can’t do without in Nigeria

1.Mad oh

This is one of the most popular slang words in Naija. So popular that it’s in the Urban Dictionary. It originated from the streets of Lagos and it is an expression made when something unbelievable occurs or is said.
E.g; Guy: Babe, I love your eyes.
Babe: Mad Oh!

2.Gbas gbos

This slang is used when there is a war of words between two or more persons. ‘They both went gbas gbos at each other.

3.Ji ma sun

Wake up, don’t sleep’. It can also mean ‘Don’t dull’. It is used on the streets asking people to be awake and remain streetwise.

4.Gbe body eh

Even the Danfo Bus conductor screams this one when there is a bus or person blocking the way. It’s a term meaning ‘Lift or carry your body’, either on the dance floor or out of the way.

5.Omo iyami

Literally, it means ‘The child of my mother’. It is used to hail one another on the streets. It is mostly used by the Yorubas when giving accolades to one another.

6.Inside life

It started with self-acclaimed marlians and stuck. It is the reality of things. When there is a remarkable secret that can’t be explained, someone says ‘Inside life’.


Just like ‘gbe body e’, it started off as a dance and stuck as a slang. It means ‘Lift your leg.’ If they want to say dance; gbese. If they want you out of the way; gbese.


Nigerian yoruba word that means “Don’t break”. It is used as a slang by people. The slang meaning is “Don’t shiver or be intimidated or oppressed”

9.Freaky freaky

This is another Nigerian slang, that is use to describe big shaped ladies.

10.Ooin you’re doing well

This was created by a popular comedian Mr Macaroni, this slang is actually used to compliment someone for a job well done


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