10 Things Nigerian Girls say Instead of ‘I Love You’

In Nigeria, girls love to do shakara. So when they are helplessly in love with you, they are always upfront, so they play hard to get. The words ‘I love you’ just can’t come out to say. That may be because of reactions from Nigerian men when girls try to toast them. We ‘re not here to make excuses for someone, though. Here are some of the things that Nigerian girls love to say when they find themselves falling rough. You had better take the hint.

1. ‘Ode’ :This isn’t an insult, it’s a way Nigerian girls flirt with you.

2. ‘I’m not going to allow your babe to come and break my head o! ‘- This is her way to ask whether you have a Girlfriend.

3. ‘Does your house have light? ‘: That means they want to hang out at your place, so they’re looking for an excuse.

4. ‘Bighead’: often, instead of calling you ‘ode’ they would use ‘big head’ as an endearment word,

5. ‘You can’t even call someone’: the code for ‘I love you’ is this one.
6. ‘Go away jare’: better stay, if you know what’s best for you. Nigerian girls are the queens of reverse psychology.


7. ‘won’t you take me out ni? : ‘Her way of thinking,’ When are we going to have a date?

8. ‘‘You just forgot about me like that’ : Another way of tell you I miss you.

9. “Have you eaten today?: ‘They ‘re still looking after you if she tells you that.

10. ‘I hate you’: When she says this, then she’s head over heels in love with you.


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