10 things we use every day but don’t know their true use

Today you are going to see and learn some fun and useful facts behind everyday things we use but don’t know their true use.

As humans beings, we are creators and as well patrons that evolve, and in the process of creation, a lot of things are invented to make life easier but on the long run, we seem to have less or no idea of some untapped features inventions and products we commonly use and see every day.

Here are some you might have encountered, and their use.

10. Stickers on fruits.

They are originally called PLU stickers which stands for the product lookup stickers, which helps a cashier to know what fruit is, how much a fruit costs, and sometimes a producer’s brand.

They are usually four to five digits in a number and can be edible but it has no health benefits to the consumer neither does it has side effects.

If there are 4 digits and the first is 4, it means that the fruit has been sprayed with pesticides. If there are 5 digits and the first is 9, the fruit has been grown organically. If there are 5 digits and the first is 8, the fruit has been genetically modified.

9.Ridged edges of a coin.

Coins were made a very long time ago and were a means of exchange for goods and services, but at that time the material used in making coins was very lucrative.

So some people cut off edges of coins and accumulate it before the sale. Then reeding (ridged coin edges) was introduced to know coins that have been cut or tampered with (just like counterfeit money).

8. Blades of utility knives.

Blades of utility knives are extremely sharp and are used for different craftworks and construction because of its efficiency, but it can also get blunt.

Some people often sharpen it, but do you know that you can take off the bottom cap and fix it to the blade top and then snap it. If it breaks off new and sharper blade surfaces, then you can fix the cap back to the bottom end.

like this.

7. Colored squares at the end of a toothpaste tube.

This one is really not very significant in the toothpaste tube, but if you love your teeth you must have seen it on the tube. Anyway, there are colored little squares at the end of a toothpaste tube, and those colors signify the ingredients they compose of, here are the meanings below;

Black = consist of only chemicals.

Red = consists of both natural and chemical components.

Blue = consist of both natural and medicinal components.

Green = consists of natural components only.

So now you know the components of your paste, and if you are among the black toothpaste group you might start considering changing.

6. Hole in loli pop sticks.

By guessing almost 99% of the world knows what a loli pop is and has tasted it before, am I right?. Well, I guess so, but have you ever wondered what the hole at the top of the stick stands for.

Okay firstly it is not stealing the last particle of your loli pop and secondly, it is not whistle hole. It was designed in a way that after production a little part of the candy enters the hole and solidifies, and it holds the candy to the stick firmly, this allows the candy to hold firm to the stick until you finish it completely.

5. A dimple or punt under the bottom of a bottle.

Actually, no one cares if a bottle has a dimple or a punt (an inward curve) under it, we just seem to enjoy its content and keep it aside, but what you don’t know is that the bottle would just topple and fall off without a punt.

The punt gives the bottle more balance on a surface and prevents the bottle from getting punctured or pierced from under.

4. The dimple on a golf ball.

The tiny depths in a golf ball really have a purpose and in fact, can be seen as one of the most important properties of a golf ball.

Without those dimples, a smooth golf ball would go half the distance of a ball with dimples would reach.

Those dimples allow air to cling on it a little longer and allows it to pass through the back of the ball, thereby creating a long and smooth flight. An average golf ball has up to 250-480 dimples, and it was mistakenly discovered in 1930.

3. Detachable car seat head.

Have you ever wondered why the head placement on a car seat is detachable, and why it has two metallic pointed edges?.

I guess not, well me too, but I just found out that it not there just to be increased for taller people or to be decreased for shorter people as thought, but it can also be used to break the car glass window if you are stuck.

Firstly just detach it from the seat then secondly place one point at the lower edge of the window and hit the head to break it. Like this;

and then hit it.

now can break your way through.

2. The R symbol and TM beside patent trademarks on products.

This particular one was unknown to me and of course, to many people, both adults and kids, and I know that even you might not be aware of the meaning either, but guess what? its the simplest of all.

The R symbol simply means that the particular product bearing the logo is officially registered with the US patent and trademark office and can help the owner of the product sue any pirate or imposter making fake products to the court of law. The TM symbol also means a trademark, so know when you are using an original product or the fake version.

1. Panty gussets.

This is mostly for females because guys have nothing to do with those, but not to worry, there is nothing bad with learning more.

The panty guests are something like a pocket that is being sewed to underwear for ladies and it adds more extension to the crotch seam.

They are actually there for a hygienic purpose, and they are made of moisture-wicking materials like cotton so they can withstand moisture and be durable at the same time, they also keep the genital area dry and ventilate


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