There are some tricks,you don’t know about on WhatsApp,right now am going to share with you some tricks you probably don’t know on WhatsApp.

1. Pin important chat

Pin an important chat,if your don’t want to read any messages you can just pin the messages and later come back to it.

2. Read messages without letting the sender know.

You can really messages without letting the sender know,all you need to do is to switch it to airplane mode,really the message,and disable the airplane mode and continue you chat.

3. Mark chat as unread

You can mark chat as unread,because if you are not in the mood in reading any messages unread will notify you that you haven’t really a particular message. All you need to do is to swipe the chat to the right and tap on the unread icon.

4You can turn off last seen

You can turn off last seen,normally those last seen that usually show at the top of the screen on your phone she chatting on WhatsApp,you can change the last seen,all you need to do go to setting select account and click on privacy to choose any option for yourself.

5. Read and send message without you touching the phone

You can use virtual assistant,like Siri and Google assistant,it help you read messages without letting you touch your phone it very easy just download the mobile app on your phone.

6. Stop media from download in automatically

You can stop media from download in automatically,all you need to do us to tap on settings and click on chat and turn off the ‘Save to camera roll’. Option in the IOS or click on ‘Show Media in gallery’ in android.

7. Delete accidentally sent message.

You can delete any message,probably you mistakenly forward it to your friend,you can delete it just by holding the message and click delete,that is all.

8. Find out who you talk most.

You can find out who you talk most,just go to setting go to data and storage and click on the contact you want,you will see all the storage and you will now compare.

9. Change wallpaper

You can change the wallpaper of your WhatsApp anytime you want all you need to do is to click on the three dot in the right corner of the chat,and click on setting then you will see wallpaper and you can change it using WhatsApp media r phone gallery.

10. You can change foot

You can change the foot style,all you need to do is to go to setting and select foot and click the one you like.

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