6 childish behaviors some guys need to stop (dating)

These are six (6) childish behaviors some guys need to leave behind before mature ladies could consider them for relationships.

1. Collecting a lady’s number with no intention of calling – most guys always do this to win a bet among their friends or to test their ‘wooing’ ability, which is so immature. Why on earth will a guy act interested in a lady, collect her number, then delete it immediately? This behavior has to stop because only boys do it, not real men. If you know you are not interested in a lady, leave her alone.

2. Making fake promises – seriously, stop telling a lady you will marry her when you know it’s untrue. Don’t tell a lady she means the World to you when you know she is just part of a tiny map in your World. This is immature and insensitive, man up. Stop promising a lady heaven and earth when you know everything is all false. It is not compulsory to be in a relationship when you know you are not even ready for marriage in five years to come thereby wasting a lady’s precious time.

3. Having no future plans – men like this have a popular saying, ‘Let’s see how this goes’. If you don’t know what you want from a relationship, why did you start it in the first place? Real men go for what they want and crown it with marriage, not with flimsy excuses. There are several men who are interested in a single lady and you are still waiting for where ‘this’ goes. Let her know there is no future so that she can go for a serious-minded person.

4. Leading a lady on – guys like this always have someone they are dating, but prefer to have a back-up in case their relationship ends. This is the most insensitive thing a man can do to a lady because she would have sent potential suitors away before getting dumped. There is no point holding on to someone you used as back-up as a guy, let her know your intentions from the beginning of a relationship so that she could know where she stands. This dating habit needs to end as soon as possible.

5. Living a fake lifestyle – it is good to look attractive and comfortable but be real about it. There are some guys who always borrow clothes, shoes, cars, even apartment just to show off to ladies. This is a behavior that should be discouraged because it is typical of boys, not men. Let a lady know the real you, not another version. What happens when your friends decide to collect everything they borrowed you? Do not try to impress any lady, let her fall in love with the real you. It’s always the best decision to make.

6. Engaging a lady for a long time – this habit has become so common nowadays and it is so immature. As a guy, you met a lady when she was 22 years old, then put an engagement ring on her finger. She is 26 years old now and the ring is still on her finger. This is the behavior of a child who doesn’t know what he wants. Real men go for what they want and finish it on time. Don’t engage a lady in a relationship when you know there is no future with her.

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