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Best Eye Clinic in Lagos

The Top 8 Best Eye Clinic in Lagos

  • Forst Eye Clinic. Established in 1992, with 4 clinics in Ogba, Surulere, Festac and Agbara. All branches are equipped with ultra-modern eye equipment for effective eye care delivery.
  • Cataract & Eye Hospital
  • Eye Foundation Hospital
  • Atlanta Eye Clinic
  • Me Cure Eye Center
  • Metro Eye Clinic
  • Ladkem Eye Hospital
  • Vision Aids Eye Clinic

1. Forst Eye Clinic

Forst Eye Clinic is NHIS government approved and located in Lagos Metropolis. They have four clinics in Ogba, Surulere, Festac and Agbara. To contact them call the hotline on 08033435554 and chat them on whatsapp 08186992818.

2. Cataract & Eye Hospital

In an endeavour to make the holistic care accessible to a larger segment of the world, Eye-Q vision has started ‘Skipper Eye-Q’ in partnership with Dubai-headquartered SkipperSeil group. The centre has all the ultra-modern facilities for diagnostic, medical, surgical and optical ophthalmic services with a team of highly qualified and experienced ophthalmologists for providing supreme eye care.

Eye-Q vision with its nationwide presence is one of the leading eye care foundations in India. Its inception can be traced back to 2007 and since then, the foundation has been providing quality eye health care at affordable cost across India.


3. Eye Foundation Hospital

The Eye foundation hospital was started in 1993 as a high tech specialist Eye hospital capable of providing services comparable to those obtainable abroad. It is the first and foremost indigenous eye practice in the country that runs a group practice with many sub specialized ophthalmologists.

Over the past 20 years, we have been helping with the fight against preventable blindness in Nigeria and West Africa, and have built partnerships with numerous organizations, various state governments and financial institutions. All of these with the aim of bringing better eye care to the poor, either through the Eye Foundation Hospital itself or it sister Charity hospitals- Deseret Community Vision Institute & Deseret Eye Center.

The Eye Foundation Hospital is equipped with modern surgical facilities which are regularly upgraded to meet international standards.


4. Atlanta Eye Clinic

5. Me Cure Eye Center

6. Metro Eye Clinic

7. Ladkem Eye Hospital

8. Vision Aids Eye Clinic