Zech. 3:1-7; Exo. 28:4 – 6; Isa. 25:7; 2 Cor. 3:15 – 18; Eph. 4:17 – 18; Isa. 22:25; Ezek. 37:1 – 14; 1 John 3:8; 1 Chro. 4:10; Ps. 145:14; Isa. 14:3 – 5; Eph. 6:10 – 18


In that day, saith the Lord of Host, shall the nail that is fastened in the sure place be removed, and be cut down, and fall, and the burden that was upon it shall be cut off for the Lord hath spoken it.  Because the Lord is my Justifier, the Glory and the Lifter – up of my head.  Today, at the Lord’s command and mercy, I shall receive a change of garment in the Name of Jesus.


Garments are raiment or dresses that serve the purpose of covering man’s nakedness.  After the fall in the Garden of Eden, God used the skin of animals to cover Adam and Eve rather than fig trees.

Instead of garments of purple and gold meant to cover the priest (Ex. 28: 4 – 5), Joshua the High Priest was covered with filthy ones as seen in Zech. 3:3.  As ordained people of God also (Jn. 15:16), we may find ourselves enveloped by unpleasant coverings sometimes. These coverings disallow us from attaining to our full potentials in God’s agenda of the new birth provided for us by the Lord Jesus Christ.

In that passage Zech. 3 v 1 – 4

  • Joshua the High Priest could not maximize his priestly potential because of the filthy garment.
  • The filthy garment facilitated attacks when he was to do well.
  • Until God came to his rescue de-robing him of the former filthy garment and adorning him with new garment, then he started manifesting goodness.
  • In Mark 10 v 46 – 52 – When Blind Bartimaeus encountered Jesus and was to be healed, verse 50 says that he cast away his garment….
  • That garment was an identity for blind people in those days. I prophesy into your situation today that, that garment of identification for evil, retrogression, delay, backwardness in the realm of the spirit be roasted in Jesus name.

Garments show the status of the one wearing them – social, religious, economic, educational, occupational or even emotional.

Because of the activities of Satan and his agents, the lives of some people are tampered with through the filthy garment.  When someone is made to wear the wrong side of a dress through evil manipulation, every progress that should normally be made in the physical realm is reversed.  Such people end up living the right opposite of the life meant for them by GodBUT, praise God that the Believer in Christ Jesus can escape such traps through the intervention of Heaven and thus, a replacement of such filthy garments can be effected.

Some of the NEGATIVE GARMENTS in operation in the physical are these:

  • Garments of suffering
  • Garments of dishonour, hatred, evil marks, evil labels
  • Garments of poverty, backwardness, insanity
  • Garments of problems or troubles, curses, manipulation, bewitchment
  • Garments of sickness and affliction, living the opposite life
  • Garments of barrenness – physically, spiritually, financially or maritally
  • Garments of reproach/repulsion or dislike
  • Garments of debts, stagnation, retardation, labouring without results
  • Garments of non-achievement etc.

These garments are backed-up by spiritual forces and covenants and they are placed to hinder and oppose the one wearing them.

 Sometimes ago a man was always being rejected wherever he went for big contracts. He was a victim of chronic slippery breakthrough at the edge of success.  God led him into an Apostolic Prayer Church where the secret behind his problem was revealed, that there was A Garment of Hatred/Rejection super-imposed on him in the spirit realm.  He prayed and had a fantastic breakthrough thereafter.

All said and done, it is important to point out that many even adorn the garment of maladministration and gross carelessness.  No matter the opportunities you have in life, if there is no proper Administration, you are bound to fail woefully. There is a need to execute that little assignment in a big Administrative casing so that with proper operations there will be multiplier effects of your investment without leakages.  Beloved, you need a change of garment in this area if you want to go far in life and let what you are doing now be trans-generational.  We must not be blaming all our failures on satanic attacks.  Drop all destructive habits, stop engaging in wasteful ventures.  Embark on having a proper, regular remedial actions, putting in Programming, Organization, Forecasting, Motivation, Control, Communication and Co-ordination.  I bet you, you will be celebrated with the garment of an achiever.

Perhaps you have not given your life to Jesus, know that when He died on the cross, our Lord Jesus paid the eternal price for the deliverance of man (1 John 3:8). But each Believer must recognize his state, confess his/her sins if they exist, and enter through the blood of the Lamb (Heb. 4:14 – 16) to obtain deliverance because “Upon Mount Zion, there shall be deliverance and Holiness…. Obadiah 17” God’s mercy always prevails – Lam.  3:21 – 25; Ps. 107:21

 Afterwards, we must put on the whole armour of God so we can permanently dwell in victory.

  • Cor 2:14; Eph. 6:10 – 18, I see you on top as you pray the under-listed prayers with faith.


  1. Confess and repent of any sin that may have attracted any filthy garment to you.
  2. Holy Spirit, intervene for my help in Jesus name.
  3. By the Blood of Jesus, anything attracting filthy garments to hinder my life and potentials, GIVE WAY in Jesus name.
  4. Every work of delay or hindrance in my life, be rebuked in Jesus name.
  5. Every garment of failure upon my life, catch fire in Jesus name
  6. Every garment of suffering upon my life, catch fire in Jesus name.
  7. Every garment of dishonour covering my life, catch fire in Jesus name
  8. Every garment of poverty upon me, catch fire in Jesus name
  9. Every garment of problems and struggles shielding my life, catch fire in Jesus name
  10. Every garment of reproach shielding my life catch fire in Jesus name
  11. Every garment of rejection shielding my life, catch fire in Jesus name
  12. Every garment of sickness and affliction shielding my life, catch fire in Jesus name
  13. My glory, you will not be covered in Jesus name
  14. O my head, reject the garment of manipulation in Jesus name
  15. I reject the identity of my father/mother, O Lord, cloth me with my own identity in Jesus name.
  16. I reject any negative or collective covering on my resources in Jesus name.
  17. I recover anything I have lost through filthy garment covering in Jesus name.
  18. My destiny be repositioned for greatness in Jesus name.
  19. My life, receive a new garment of glory; favour; praise; dignity and honour; power; prosperity; protection; Holiness and Righteousness in Jesus name.
  20. From now, I shall be celebrated in Jesus name.
  21. The new garment I am wearing now will not bring shame or evil to me in Jesus name.
  22. My new garment shall be permanent in Jesus name.
  23. According to Eccl 9 v 8, my garment shall remain white in Jesus name.
  24. Destructive habits preventing my doing well in life, be removed in Jesus name.
  25. Wherever I go henceforth, by this new garment, doors of opportunities, open for me in Jesus name.


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