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Cow Sharing in Lagos

Cow sharing, or cowpooling, isn’t anything new. Buying a portion of a cow is something people have done ever since the invention of refrigerators and freezers.

With the increased focus on humanely raised meat over the past 15 years or so, cow sharing has become popular – as long as you have the freezer storage for a quarter or half of a cow.

But not everyone does have access, and not everyone wants to eat that much beef. Yet, those people may still want to support small family farmers while getting a product they can trust.


How it works:

A cow is shared among 15 Persons. Also, 2 persons can replace 1 person for half the price.

Usually the killing and the sharing of the cow is done on Fridays. However, if the 15 slots is completely filled, the killing and sharing is done on that day.

You are allowed to be present during the sharing.


For More Information

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