Ezekiel 38 v 8a; Jeremiah 15 v 15a; Romans 9 v 15 – 16; Genesis 38 v 8a; Psalm 106 v 4; Job 10 v 12; Psalm 8 v 4; Psalm 80 v 14; Genesis 21 v 1; Ruth 1 v 6; Exodus 4 v 51; 1 Sam. 2 v 21; Isaiah 29 v 6; Luke 1 v 68; 78; 7 v 17.


 “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; for he hath visited and redeemed his people” (Luke 1 v 68)

Beloved, it is really God’s own prerogative to visit His children divinely; it is for Him to decide, and it is part of His sovereign Will. He said in Romans 9 v 15 – 16 “I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion, so then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy” So the issue of God’s divine visitation is important, because every great and outstanding achievement in life answers to divine visitation. Many wonderful dreams, lofty ideas can only find fulfilment by God’s divine visitation. Men and women, who depended solely on their own strength, had failed woefully. Divine visitation puts an end to prolonged delay; it removes barriers.

When every hope fails, divine encounter is needed. Many children of God have been fighting all kinds of battles over the years without meaningful results. It seems as if God is no more in the business of helping His own, but God can divinely visit and make challenges to expire, thereby releasing you into His rest concerning that matter.

Beloved, the Lord will single you out for divine visitation among the crowd, in your village, in your state, among your siblings, in the place of your business, and in your ministry in Jesus name. You shall be visited with goodness from God in Jesus name. Your season of visitation is now in Jesus name! Jeremiah 15 v 15 shows to us that the Lord knows you and He has promised to remember you. Ruth 1 v 6; says the lord wants to visit you with an unusual prosperity in Jesus name. Receive that visitation in Jesus name

What is Divine Visitation?

Divine visitation is one that is orchestrated by God himself. It is such that changes a situation from negative to positive; it is an act or move of God that demonstrates His greatness and faithfulness. Divine visitation means God stepping in with solutions.

When does divine visitation occur?

Divine Visitation occurs when:

  1. It is your season of unstoppable celebration and breakthrough.
  2. Your career, business begins to enjoy unusual patronage. Before this time, people have been coming to patronize you sparingly, but when God visits your career, business, work, etc., you will be bombarded from every side and your work, career, business and everything that has to do with you will begin to witness unusual patronage, so much so that you will begin to wonder and ask God, are you this awesome?
  3. Everything in creation favours you, so much so that there is no more antagonism, no hindrance, no more prevention and limitation.
  4. When as a single man or woman, trusting God for a Godlike spouse suddenly begins to witness an avalanche of Godly suitors, and he or she now begins to pray “Lord, which one of these do I choose”?
  5. Instead of begging for jobs, contracts, etc. the reverse is now the case, i.e. good and profitable jobs and contracts begin to call on you; you are being invited to handle mega jobs and contracts both locally and internationally.
  6. When poverty gives way to PROSPERITY and prosperity gives way to POSTERITY in your life, when you begin to enjoy trans-generational wealth.
  7. When God turns things around and serving God becomes easy for you, so much so that people will begin to salute, worship your God and also buy into your living-proof testimonies.
  8. When your talents, gifts, natural endowments and skills are attracting wealth.
  9. When your expectations become super manifestations.
  10. When God fights for you and gives you instant victories over your enemies and adversaries, so much so that they begin to beg you and solicit for your help and support.

Beloved, God wants to single you out for divine visitation among the multitude in the world. Because of you, God can shake the whole world in 5 minutes. He wants to single you out for a peculiar divine visitation.

The man by the beautiful gate in Acts 3 v 2 – 8 was positioned there, but nothing was beautiful of his life. When God stepped into his matter, He brought him out of his undesirable condition, and beauty was restored into his life within minutes; his hope was restored. The God who visits divinely is the one who promised abundant life as seen John 10 v 10, and He is true to His word. His visit makes the great greater and turns curses into blessings; all you need is such a visit.

God has been in the business of singling out his own for divine visitation in the Bible. In 1 Kings 17 v 10, the Widow of Zarephath had an encounter of selective visitation. The widow was facing her worst nightmare; she had one last meal, which would only be sufficient for herself and her son. Death starred her in the face, and then came the visitor sent by God. He made her an offer, and she accepted it. Death was disappointed and put to shame, and the widow lived better than she had ever lived. Beloved, this season, the Lord will visit you in Jesus name.

Get rid of sin in your life, obey God completely and absolutely, and be prayerful and sensitive to His call.

Mark 10 v 46 gave the account of Blind Bartimaeus Timaeus, who experienced divine visitation among the multitude. He had a visitation that resulted in a miracle that opened his eyes. He was specifically visited with a life time miracle.

John 11 v 14 – 44,, talks about the case of Lazarus, who was resurrected back to life after being dead for 4 days. Beloved, it might interest you to know that several people died that same day in Bethany, but only Lazarus was selectively visited for a living-proof testimony.

The Mad man of Gadarenes in Luke 8 v 26, was also divinely visited. A man who suffered from chronic madness, and also he was not the only mad person in the city of Gadarenes, but he was the only one visited for healing; he was given a permanent deliverance, and he became a publisher.

John 5 v 2 – 3,, gives an account of the impotent man by the pool of Bethesda, who had been there for 38 years, who needed human help to be carried into the pool of water. The man said, “I have no man to help me”. In your season of visitation, you will hear God clearly asking – do you want to be made well? He wasn’t the only sick person by that pool of water, but he was the only one singled out for divine visitation, that led to his healing. Jesus Christ visited him as the great physician, the great healer and not as an angel who troubled the waters. Jesus Christ visited him and removed his prolonged, age-long problem.

In Luke 19 v 2, Zacchaeus, a well to do, short man in the city of Jericho, a noble man of no mean repute among the publicans, whom Jesus Christ visited, ate with and brought salvation into his household. God singled out Zacchaeus, out of the rich publicans of his time in Jericho for divine visitation.

Moreover, there were many lepers in Israel during the time of Elisha, but Naaman (Luke 4 v 27) the Syrian warlord, a general and noble man was singled out for divine visitation that led to his healing and cleansing.

Beloved, when God visits, supernatural breakthroughs occur; prophetic words are fulfilled; seasons are shifted and new things are brought to birth.

God’s visitation brings fulfillment of prophecy and removal of barrenness, as recorded in Gen. 21 v 1 when God visited Sarah as He had said.

The Bible is full of several visitations or interventions of God at the request of man. There are individual cases of divine visitations such as the case of Hannah and Jabez, and there are also congregational visitations by God such as when Jehoshaphat prayed with his people and when Elijah prayed before the people.

God is interested in visiting individuals and congregations both in small and large groups. Divine visitation should not be the exception; instead, it should be our expectation throughout the year.


  1. Word Encounter – Something drops from God, and then He turns everything inside you around. Every divine visitation is accompanied by revelation from the Word. It is the revelation that sparks a revolution in your life – 1 Sam. 3 v 21; Gen. 12 v 1 – 3. Beloved, every genuine word encounter puts you on top of life’s situations.
  2. Violent Prayers – Everything about our inheritance in the New Testament requires the engagement of spiritual violence. Matthew 11 v 12. Violent prayer is a covenant requirement for maximizing the blessings of divine visitation.
  3. Lover of God – God manifests Himself to individuals who love Him – John 14 v 21. Every true lover of God enjoys divine visitation naturally.
  4. Trust in His Prophets – Prophets are channels of divine visitation to every generation – Luke 4 v 25 – 27. When God sends a man on a mission, He works with him; He works in him and anoints him to deliver.
  5. Being in the Sanctuary – being in God’s Sanctuary compels His regular visitation among His people. Psalm 132 v 13 – 15. It is one of the vital physical platforms for divine visitation – Psalm 84 v 7.
  6. Strong Praise – Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises; the prisoners heard them, and God stepped in – Acts 16 v 25. strong praise is a platform for visitation.
  7. Violent Sacrifice – Sacrifice is one of the ways we maximize the miracle power of divine visitation, Psalm 50 v 5. It is the sacrifice that touches you in value.

Beloved, captivity is of the devil. Our deliverer has made provisions for us to escape all satanic manifestations emanating from the ministry of stealing, killing and destruction of the devil. Captivity like barrenness, delay, poverty and general evil flow, circle of failure and stagnancy, lateness in marriage, broken marriages and afflictions of diverse nature must melt off your destiny by fire in Jesus name. We can see several instances of peoples’ captivity turned around or the people being released from bondage by divine visitation. The woman with the issue of blood for 12 years touched the garment of Jesus and she was released from her infirmity. Jabez cried to the Lord concerning his situation, his story changed from being a child of sorrow into being a honourable man.

Call on God today and He will visit you and turn your captivity in Jesus name. Jesus is Lord.


  1. Thank God for what only Him can do.
  2. My expectations throughout this year and beyond become manifestations in Jesus name.
  3. My dead breakthrough, I command in Jesus name, come alive.
  4. Oh Lord my father, of all the families in Nigeria, single my family out for a turn-around visitation in Jesus name.
  5. Anointing for selective divine visitation, fall on me in Jesus name.
  6. Oh Lord by your mercy, single me out for divine visitation in Jesus name.
  7. Oh Lord my father, hear my cry, I present myself before you, the open heaven that will bring about my divine visitation, I command in Jesus name, open by fire.
  8. Any barrier that can prevent my Divine visitation both in the spiritual realm and on the physical, you that barrier I command in Jesus name burn by fire.
  9. Any dark altar raised to prevent my divine visitation; I command in Jesus name scatter.
  10. Network of darkness congregated to prevent my Divine visitation throughout this year and beyond, I command in Jesus name scatter by fire.
  11. Any conspiracy against my Divine visitation, I command in Jesus name, scatter.
  12. Any negative mind-set in my life, any negative approach, behaviour, character or habits that may prevent my divine visitation, this year, hear the word of the Lord, die by fire.
  13. Distractions in any form, that may prevent my divine visitation, I command in Jesus name die by fire.
  14. Every ungodly association and every Lot, connected to my Abraham that may prevent my divine visitation, I command be cut-off in Jesus name.
  15. Mistakes and errors, orchestrated to prevent my divine visitation, I command in Jesus name disappear.
  16. Any trap, snare, laid on my way to prevent my Divine Visitation, catch your owners in Jesus name.
  17. Any set-up on my way up, aimed at preventing my divine visitation, I command in Jesus name catch fire.
  18. Throughout this year and beyond, for me and my family, we shall enjoy divine visitation in Jesus name.
  19. Power of God for absolute achievement, locate me in Jesus name.
  20. Power of God for healing, single me out in Jesus name.
  21. Power of God for abundance, single me out in Jesus name.
  22. Power of God for roundabout and robust security, rest on me in Jesus name.
  23. Power of God for me to know what to do per time, rest upon me in Jesus name.
  24. Power of God for me to cross all hurdles, cross all lines and break all barriers, rest upon me in Jesus name.
  25. Power of the almighty God for establishment, rest upon me in Jesus name.
  26. Power of God to survive all the days and nights throughout this year, rest upon me in Jesus name.
  27. Power of God for me to live in absolute peace and comfort, rest upon me in Jesus name.


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