Isaiah 19 v 3; Proverbs 18 v 10; Isaiah 3 v 10; Acts 12 v 1-8; 2 Peter 2 v 4; Deut. 1 v 19; Psalm 68 v 6; Psalm 129 v 4; 124 v 7; 142 v 7; Jeremiah 40 v 1 – 4; Deut. 1 v 1 – 7; Psalm 7 v 9; 44 v 26; Jeremiah 32 v 17 & 27


Psalm 25 v 1 – 2 – Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul, O My God, I trust in thee, let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.


Beloved brethren, the scripture in Isaiah 19 v 3 says “the spirit of Egypt shall fail in the midst thereof and God will destroy the counsel….” The spirit of Egypt is the spirit of bondage, oppression spirit of poverty, limitation etc.

These are the spirits that foster repeated problems in the life of man, but God says these spirits shall fail and you shall receive your deliverance in Jesus name.

Repeating circular problems can be frustrating, leading to maddening oppression.  In Acts 12 v 1-8, Apostle Peter was imprisoned by authorities because it pleased a particular set of people, but prayers were said for him by the Church, that is why you must not Joke with prayers.

A night prior to Apostle Peter being executed, he had an angelic visitation, where chains used to bind him fell off. God intervened divinely and rescued him.

Chains of darkness are invisible to the naked eyes; same way people’s progress and goodness are chained down.  The scripture in Psalm 7 v 9 says, “Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end”. I pray every wickedness that has chained your goodness down shall come to an end now in Jesus name.

Chains of darkness are meant for satan and his cohorts and not the children of God, but when forces of darkness want to afflict people, they use the chains of darkness, it is only the power of God that can save and deliver from chains of darkness.

Many have been held down for too long in repeated problems.  Any soul tied down in the spirit realm cannot prosper on the physical, they experience circular problems which make life difficult, expressionless, frustrating and hopes dashed. Psalm 142 v 7 “Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name, the righteous shall compass me about; for thou shalt deal bountifully with me”

According to Jeremiah 40 v 1 – 4, those invisible chains shall break in Jesus name. After now, you will move from strength to strength, glory to glory, victory to victory, you will move from one level of experience to a higher level, breakthrough to breakthroughs, manifestation to manifestations, testimony to testimonies in Jesus name.

The scripture in Deuteronomy 1 v 19, talks about the spirit of Kadesh Barnea that is the spirit of merry-go-round.  Many are suffering under the yoke of the spirit of Kadesh Barnea, which is manifested as the following:


  • Repeated progress failure
  • Attitudinal deficiency that orchestrate failure i.e. character deficiencies, continual constant attitudinal mistakes.
  • Movement, but no progress.
  • Difficulty in pressing into breakthroughs that are within reach-beating about the bush in the market of life.
  • Merry-go-round syndrome
  • Victims of professional vagabond power
  • Lack of visible progress despite several efforts, while ageing speedily.
  • Back to square one syndrome.
  • Swimming in the river of embarrassing situations
  • Fishing in rivers without catching fish
  • Moving from one trouble to another year-in-year out.
  • Seeing yourself wearing invisible garment of suffering and failure.
  • Tied down to repeated promise and fail
  • Always operating in the tail region of life
  • Repeated abortion of good things.
  • Always standing at the wrong bus stop
  • Always meeting wrong people
  • Always having wrong workers working for you
  • Operating always without mentors and fathers.
  • Always listening/following wrong counsel/advise
  • Being repaid and rewarded with evil for your good deeds.
  • Sudden stoppage of good things in your life.
  • Totally confused with no seeming way forward.

Obadiah 17 “But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions”

Joel 2 v 32 “And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem that be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call”.

As you cry and call unto God with Holy desperation and Enough is Enough mentality, God will hear you and intervene in your matter in Jesus name.

For repeated cycle of problems to end in your life, there is a place of Restructuring:


If failure has been the story of your life so far, that is a sure sign that there is need for change in your life now.  It is time to change what you have been doing and how you have been doing it.

Restructuring becomes necessary in a life when failure has become persistent.  Your actions and inactions must be reviewed in order to make practical restructuring evident to you.

These are the practical steps for enlistment in your restructuring:

  1. Plan and Pray – For recovery and restoration to take place, you must admit and be ready to make the needed changes concerning your past mistakes, sins and ignorance. Both prayer and planning have their unique place and purpose, one is not more important than the other, success is a combination of both.  Do not concentrate on prayer alone to the exclusion of planning, because prayer without corresponding planning is sure to end in frustration.
  2. Preparation and Orderliness – Do not neglect preparation otherwise disorderliness would reign. Preparation involves counting the cost and whatever it would take to achieve the desired goal. Determination must be deployed to pay the price of success.

Preparation cuts away needless weights, loose ends and impediments that may disqualify the objective of achieving success.  Luke 14 v 28 & 29

  1. Tell yourself the Truth – When you gloss over or despise the truth concerning your situation, you are living in a fool’s paradise – Proverbs 26 v 3. The truth you need to take cognisance of may cut across every aspect of your life.  However, the most important of all is the one that concerns your relationship with God Almighty and like Jabez you will be made better for it.
  2. Attitude – Be on the look-out for creative ways of increasing your knowledge and changing your present level of achievement. You are permitted to start small, but not to remain small.
  3. Learn to manage your Time – Be a good time manager. Apportion time to different task that you need to accomplish and time yourself so much so that you don’t over spend time on a particular task.  Any form of habit or attitude that you think may waste your time (keeping unnecessary friends, gossiping, talking too much, backbiting and procrastination) you may have to cut down on them or avoid them totally.
  4. Avoid Self-destructive Habits – Work on yourself. There are some habits that are self-destructive, e.g. smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. If you see that each time you want to try not to go into these acts, you still find yourself doing it, please come for deliverance and counselling.
  5. Live within your means – Reduce all excesses in your life. You don’t need to buy because others are buying, buy only if you really know you need it.  Avoid wastages in everything and don’t be too extravagant.
  6. Keep company with those who can add value to your life.
  7. Have a positive outlook and attitude towards life.
  8. Embark on self-improvement programmes.

Beloved, prolonged suffering and delay are not of God, 1 Pet 5 v 10 “But the God of all grace….” Sometimes we ask ourselves, “why does God allow problems?” It is important for us to understand that our God is awesome and sovereign.


  1. Ungodly foundation – Exodus 20 v 5; Lamentation 5 v 7 – 8
  2. Wickedness of the wicked – 1 John 5 v 19
  3. Negative mental attitude – Number 13 v 33
  4. Disobedience – 1 Samuel 13 v 1 – 14
  5. Wrong environment – Mathew 13 v 1 – 8
  6. Destructive habits
  7. Curses – Genesis 9 v 25; Colossians 2 v 14
  8. Demonic Attacks
  9. Neglecting Godly kingdom principles – Malachi 3 v 9 – end
  10. Lack of appreciation – Luke 17 v 12 – 15
  11. Going back to Egypt for Help – Isaiah 31 v 1 – 3
  12. Unbelief and Prayerlessness – Luke 18 v 1
  13. Incomplete deliverance – Galatian 4 v 19
  14. Backsliding – John 5 v 14
  15. Possession of accursed materials – Deuteronomy 7 v 26

As you take note of all these factors, working on them, coupled with warfare prayers, the battle of repeated circular problems will terminate in Jesus name, and there shall be progress in all areas in Jesus name.


  1. Enemies rejoicing at any repeating problem in my life, be disgraced in Jesus name.
  2. Chains of darkness holding me down to where I should not be, I command you to break in the name of Jesus.
  3. Invisible chains binding my spiritual hands, break in Jesus name.
  4. Chains of darkness holding me down to long time problems/repeated problems/wrong position and Horrible experiences, break in Jesus name.
  5. Chains of darkness holding me down to repeated afflictions/repeated oppression/constant failure/horrible experiences, break in Jesus name.
  6. Unknown covenants that have chained me down to the same spot over the years, causing embarrassing situations, break by fire in Jesus name.
  7. Chains of darkness tying me down to diseases, barrenness, delay and stagnation, break in Jesus name.
  8. Wickedness of the wicked upon my life, terminate now in Jesus name.
  9. Evil revival at the edge of my breakthrough, come to an end in

Jesus name.

  1. Foundational controversy surrounding my turn-around, blood of Jesus kill them in Jesus name.
  2. Mountains of repeated problems against my turn-around, collapse in Jesus name.
  3. Orchestrated fountain of problems instituted against my life, dry up in Jesus name.
  4. Conveyor belt of problems prepared by the enemy for my life, break in Jesus name.
  5. Circle of repeated problems in my life, break in Jesus name.
  6. Demonic oaths, covenants/agreements re-enforcing problems in my life, blood of Jesus cancel them in Jesus name.
  7. Work of my hands be delivered from battles in Jesus name.
  8. Evil marks identifying me for battles, blood of Jesus cancel them in Jesus name.
  9. Every curse of lack of progress operating in my life, break in Jesus name.
  10. Oh Lord empower my hands to prosper in Jesus name.
  11. Nahum 1 v 9 – I decree, afflictions will not rise again in my life in Jesus name.