On your mark, get set, Japaa!

Get the Proof of funds you need to travel abroad

more than 50 million naira, no wahala

it works simple with us

1. Open a new bank account with us

2. Pay your interest upfront

3. Get funded immediately

> Notice!!! <

when printing your bank statement, start from the next day after funding


1. what do I need for account opening?

Passport photograph, Valid ID, Recent utility bill and ₦1,000 initial account opening

2. I want an extension on the fund

Yes, you can pay for the extension, minimum of 1 week

3. hope my account will be verifiable

The bank will confirm the statement for the school or the embassy

4. how do I get my stamped bank statement

We can print and send to you, or you can print from any of the bank branch (after you inform us first)

5. will I be able to do transactions on my account?

Yes, you can, but only with the funds you put in by yourself