Reason why men smoke, take alcohol and hard drugs.

We all knows that smocking and taking alcohol is one of the deadliest thing that kills the body system of men but men are still consuming them.

The a male child starts growing, he’ll so much hate cigarettes and even hate the smokers but when he grows up, he finally becomes a smoker.

Some people who doesn’t smoke indulge in alcohol intake while some don’t take any of them. Today I’ll tell you some reasons why men smoke and take alcohol.

1: Frustration.

The first reason I’ll be talking about is frustration. We all know how hard this life is, many people who face a lot of problems get frustrated. Some People all around the world has their different problem they face while some don’t. When a man’s problem seem to be greater than he can carry and he gets frustrated, he might chose to indulge in alcohol intake or smoking, some indulge in taking hard drugs so as to forget some of their problem.

2: Hard labour

Another reason is Power, some men who do some hard laboured jobs indulge in taking alcohol or hard drugs because they use them as pain killers. Although after knowing the implications of all these, men still take them in other to work hard and earn income to get their needs in life.

3: Pain killer and good rest.

Some people around the world who seen not to have enough rest after work and also people who always have several body pains after work are also likely to indulge themselves in taking alcohol and hard drugs because they always feel way better when they take them.

4: Performance.

Most of our celebrities like musicians, actors, actresses, even footballers also take hard drugs because the want to make a better performance while on stage. It’s gives them more morals and charge while on stage which makes them high enough to perform as good as they can.

5: Occasions and celebrations.

In our special occasions we do take alcohol to celebrate people or special events at that moment. Alcohol is being consumed in our special occasion as a sign of happiness and celebration. Some men do take hard drugs before going to some events so as to appear bold and mean when they get there.

6: Power.

Some people do take alcohol for nothing. They get themselves high and show themselves off the hood doing nothing. These people are people who have became addicted to it while some are Chain smokers. They are always feeling too big after their intake, they feel like they are on top.

7: Bad influence.

People who are addicted to smoking and taking hard drugs (chain smokers) are likely to be evil after the intake. They charge themselves to be able to go for a bad mission like Theft, kidnapping, killing, etc. This particular reason is why hard drugs are not legalized all over the world. As an addict, if you don’t have a legit work that give you money to feed well and pay your bills, it will make you go rogue because people who smoke and take hard drugs feels more hungry than people who don’t. Say no to drug

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