Ten possible side effects of masturbation

We all know what masturbation is, and it’s a very addictive practice. I will not go too deep in explaining that because I want to keep this article as clean as possible.

Let me just go straight to the points. It is no longer news that too much of everything is bad. Anything you do in excess in this life always have repercussions, either good or bad.

This act is very addictive, even more than drugs. The moment you start doing it, it will be very difficult for you to stop. Some persons still enjoys what they do tho. But others who are drown in it are looking for ways to come out. Because it is killing them slowly.

If you have just started the act, i would advise you to stop because it has some possible negative side effects which may not be too good for you. With that been said, let us go into full details of the vital topic of today.

Ten possible side effects of masturbation

1. Low Self-esteem.

One of the side effects of the act is low self-esteem. You will find yourself feeling shy when walking in the streets; as if someone is watching you. You cannot even talk where your mates are talking. You will find it very difficult to face a crowd of ten person’s because your self-esteem has been drowned by the act. It makes you think that you are not good enough. And at the end of the day, you will start feeling bad about yourself.

2. Distraction

Distraction is also one of the side effects of too much wanking. You will find yourself losing concentration in anything you do. You cannot read and understand frequently because your mind is always on the act. You just want to do it anywhere you have privacy. It is dangerous.

3. Lack Of Confidence

This one affects guys mostly. A guy who engages himself in the act always finds it difficult to approach a woman. Most guys feel timid and shy. They cannot look straight into a lady’s eyes and say what’s on their minds……it is bad.

4. Tiredness

Of course, what you are taking out of your body on a daily basis is not water. It is blood. What happens when you lose too much blood? You get tired and weak of course……the act is very draining. I will advise you to try and stop before it is too late.

5. Erectile Dysfunction

One of the most dangerous side effects of the act is erectile dysfunction. Most men who found themselves addicted to it noticed that they are not getting it to stay strong as it used to. Why won’t you get such problem? An engine that is been used everyday must get weak and faulty. It’s just common sense. Please try and stop the act. It kills the body, soul, and spirit.

6. Blurred Views

Most people who engages themselves in the act regularly, always experience a very dull, and blurry view. Some times their view will appear as if everywhere is turning whitish in color. It’s very dangerous.

7. Weakens Immune System.

This is one of the most dangerous side effects most people who are into the act don’t pay attention to. Too much of the act weakens your body immunity. Instead of your immune system to be fighting unwanted sicknesses from getting into your body, they will be busy focusing on how to replenish what you are just pumping out of your body in the name of enjoyment and catching fun…..it’s dangerous.

8. Lack Of Good Sleep

Of course, people who engages themselves in the act finds it very difficult to get a very decent sleep; when they are not done yet. Because they are already addicted to it. Sometimes they are waiting for midnight when they will have enough privacy for themselves to do the act. It is very mind draining. You may want to note that lack of good sleep affects your heart too…..be very careful.

9. Dirtiness

This is a very bad side effects of the act. When you get addicted in the act to a point where you cannot control yourself again, it becomes dirty. Because you will find yourself doing it in your body anywhere you are seated. It smells afterward and it’s very shameful. Try and stop it because it’s dangerous.

10. Prostate Enlargement

The last but not the least side effect of too much of the act, is prostate enlargement. Prostate is a very small walnut size gland located just under your urinary bladder. Prostate is the gland which add some liquid substance into your semen and makes it qualitative. When you engage yourself too much in the act, it becomes very stressful for your prostate to produce more qualitative liquids. How to know if your prostate is enlarged; Your urine will be coming out of your body like shower instead of straight stream. If you are noticing these signs already, I would advise you to stop and consult your doctor immediately.

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