Diabetes: Man shares how he survived after using natural cure

The diabetes breakthrough you are about to discover on this page is twice as effective as the leading diabetes drug, at normalizing blood sugar.

Studies also show how patients are able to fix hormone resistance, reduce neuropathy pain, prevent blindness, amputations and other diabetes problems.

These techniques have been used successfully by tens of thousands of people in over 66 countries allowing them to lower their need for drugs and injections.

Countless studies from scientists and doctors all over the world have proven that people with diabetes can be taken off all diabetes drugs and hormone injections.

The cold hard truth:

By living with diabetes and by taking your prescribed medication,

you are under the constant daily threat of dying of a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, succumbing to blindness, amputations, neuropathy, hypertension, nerve system disease, high cholesterol, depression, and falling into a coma.

Those are just the side-effects of living with diabetes.

Now lets add the side-effects from the drugs that are supposed to “help” you;

hepatitis, liver problems, acidosis leading to death within hours, heart attacks, stroke, increased risk of cancer, weakened immune system, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, heart failure, etc.

If you think it will ever get better, it won’t.

It has been scientifically proven that simply treating diabetes with conventional methods does not stop the disease.

Over time, diabetics are prescribed higher and higher dosages of drugs. Then when those fail, they get prescribed hormone injections in addition to the drugs.

It doesn’t matter if you follow your doctors recommendations and dosages exactly as prescribed.

This isn’t a question of IF, but WHEN.

Your health will get worse. The drugs you take will fail. The injections you take will also fail.

If you have diabetes, you simply cannot continue this way – sooner rather than later you WILL die; either from diabetes, its complications, or side-effects from the drugs you take.

And it won’t be quietly in your sleep either. Getting rushed to the hospital while the paramedics break all of your ribs giving you CPR will be hell on earth.

Spending your last moments with tubes and pumps and ventilators in unbearable agony, you will wish you did something sooner.

If you are OK with slowly losing your vision and then going blind as diabetes destroys the blood vessels in your eyes causing them to wither and die,

if you’re perfectly fine with dying 9 years earlier, possibly not waking up tomorrow, dropping dead at any moment or having your legs amputated.

If you are OK with not seeing your kids or grand kids grow up, then please, close this page and go back to what you were doing.

If on the other hand you’re tired of the constant blood sugar readings, the tedious drug regimens, constantly worrying about the health problems waiting for you in a few years.

If you are tired of being lied to and are ready to finally learn the truth about this disease

and find out how tens of thousands of diabetics completely reversed their diabetes, normalized their blood sugar and were taken off all drugs and injections, then read on.

Scientifically proven: The Root Cause of Diabetes.

It might be hard to believe, but when you prick your finger with a meter and see a blood sugar reading of let’s say 250, it’s NOT because you have diabetes!

Some people can walk around with blood sugar as high as 300 without having diabetes.

How is this possible? It all comes down to a single word: INFLAMMATION.

Ever wondered why diabetics have such high rates of heart disease, heart attacks, cancer, high cholesterol, blindness, arthritis, and neuropathy? Inflammation.

Just recently; February 2017, Scientists and researchers at the University of California San Diego proved that diabetes is caused by inflammation

they discovered that an inflammatory molecule called LTB4 causes hormone resistance.

And what does hormone resistance lead to? high blood sugar and diabetes.

This is the reason why treating your blood sugar with drugs and injecting to combat hormone sensitivity will never heal your diabetes;

because you aren’t treating the root cause of diabetes, just the symptoms of it.

Drugs Treat Symptoms, Not Disease

If we treat the symptoms of a condition, rather than the causes of the condition, we can be stuck treating them forever.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to treat the causes of diabetes rather than the symptoms?

The groundbreaking information you will receive targets the causes of diabetes, which is why people see results so quickly, get off their medication, and end the need for hormone.

Let’s compare how we treat diabetes to how we treat the cold or flu.

What are the symptoms of the flu? Fever and congestion. What is the cause of the flu itself? A virus.

If we treat the symptoms of the flu – bring down fever, take some decongestants, will that cure the flu? No.

It will make you feel better, but it will not in any way make the flu better because we haven’t actually treated the flu itself.

We simply treated the SYMPTOMS. You are still sick with the flu, but now you feel a bit better.

Or another example. Let’s say you broke your leg. What are the symptoms? Bleeding and lots of pain.

If you take pain killers and wrap your leg in a bandage to stop the bleeding, have you fixed your broken leg?

No, you simply treated the symptoms. You still have a problem – the broken leg.

So how does this compare to diabetes? Exactly the same. What are the symptoms of diabetes? High blood sugar and hormone resistance.

What do doctors prescribe? Pills to lower blood sugar and injection to help with hormone resistance.

Have you actually done anything to treat diabetes itself? No. You have simply treated the SYMPTOMS of it.

So again, you are still sick, you still have a problem, but now you feel a little better.

Warning Signs

When you get sick, your body shows symptoms. Shouldn’t you treat the underlying disease and not the symptoms?

Imagine a car. Something is wrong in the engine. A red warning light turns on – a symptom of a faulty engine. What would you do? Treat the red warning light or the actual engine?

Modern medical and pharmaceutical industry treats the red warning light.

This is exactly what you do every single day by taking diabetes drugs – you aren’t treating diabetes, you are treating the red warning lights – high blood sugar and hormone resistance.

This is precisely why no prescription drug or injection has ever prevented, stopped or reversed diabetes – and yet they are the only things doctors prescribe.

Compared to natural nutrition based treatments that actually HAVE prevented and totally reversed diabetes, doctors still only prescribe completely useless and very dangerous drugs.

The big question you have to ask is Why? Why are doctors prescribing something that has proven to NOT work?

Now imagine if you knew the truth. Imagine if you began using methods that have been verified and proven to work.

Imagine if you had access to all of this medical research and the exact methods thousands of diabetics used to become completely healed.

  • No more needles
  • No more expensive and dangerous diabetes medications
  • No more finger pricking or test strips
  • No more trips to the doctor for disappointing test after disappointing test
  • No more frustration and embarrassment

Would you use this information to help yourself, your kids, relatives, family and friends? Read on because you’re about to receive it.

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